How long does it take to make a dress?

I can complete one dress in a week. Wait times vary from one to eight weeks.

How do you send dresses?

Postage is not included in the price. The following options are available:
-Parcel Post with tracking (shipping will generally take 7-10 days)
-Priority Post with tracking and an automatic $50 insurance (shipping will generally take 2-3 days)
-Express/Overnight shipping with tracking and an automatic $50 insurance (this is the ONLY option that will have a pacakge arrive by a guaranteed date)

Why are your dresses so expensive?

My dresses are made one at a time and personally by me. I have expenses, overhead, and my own time to take into account when pricing a dress. In addition, the dresses are made of high quality fabrics.

What if I want changes made to a design?

I welcome changes to designs, they make the dresses unique to the princess. Please be aware changes in design often change the price as well due to additional materials and/or time.

Have you always owned this business?

I purchased Once Upon A Costume from Sandra Huntsman in 2006. I am the sole owner and no one else is authorized to sell these exact designs.

If I am not there, how can you make sure the dress fits?

Careful measurements are very important. I use these measurements in every step of the process to ensure a good fit. Mistakes in measurements are not my responsibility. If you feel a dress was made incorrectly please contact me so we can resolve the issue.

Do you sell wholesale?

I do not offer wholesale pricing. It takes me the same amount of time to make five dresses for five people as it does to make five dresses for one person. I do offer a discount to clients ordering multiple dresses in one order.

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